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WAHL Professional

Hair Clipper Maintenance

WAHL Clipper Oil (120ml)

RM18.00 inc. GST
RM550.00 RM500.00 inc. GST
Out of stock
RM100.00 inc. GST
RM205.00 inc. GST

Electrical Tools

WAHL GroomsMan 5537 Trimmer

RM145.00 inc. GST
RM400.00 inc. GST
RM240.00RM250.00 inc. GST
RM35.00 inc. GST
RM390.00 inc. GST
Out of stock
RM20.00 inc. GST

Men's & Barber Products

WAHL B-105 Blade Set

RM40.00 inc. GST
RM500.00 inc. GST
RM130.00 inc. GST
RM25.00 inc. GST
RM330.00RM340.00 inc. GST

Hair Clipper Accessories

WAHL Fade Attachment (Red) 3MM (#1)

RM18.00 inc. GST
RM18.00 inc. GST
RM140.00 inc. GST

Men's & Barber Products

WAHL Pro Cutting Cape (Stripe)

RM90.00 RM85.00 inc. GST
RM265.00RM275.00 inc. GST
RM100.00 inc. GST
RM180.00 inc. GST
RM900.00 inc. GST
RM300.00 inc. GST
RM18.00 inc. GST
Rated 4.00 out of 5
RM330.00 inc. GST
RM128.00 inc. GST
RM140.00 inc. GST
Out of stock
RM159.00 inc. GST
RM75.00 inc. GST
RM305.00 inc. GST
Out of stock
Out of stock
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